Microfluidics: circulating tumor cell and ctDNA

Sponsored by: NIH R01

Liquid biopsy as a diagnostic and prognostic tool. The information derived from liquid biopsy can be used for continuous monitoring of the patients, from initial screening to personalized treatment.

(a) Gold nanorods in a patient fluid sample with probe complimentary to ctDNA of interest. (b) ctDNA hybridization onto PNA on gold nanorod. (c) Resonant red shift in the absorbance through the sample upon ctDNA binding to the PNA probe at the gold nanorod surface, with the blue curve representing the resonance before binding, and the red curve after.

a Nanoparticle placement on a non-wrinkled surface. Particles are randomly distributed. b Particle flow on wrinkled surface showing lines of particles. c Cross section view. Most NPs are inside the nanowrinkles, but very few will attach to the top edges

Our research focuses on developing technologies that shorten time-to-diagnosis for bloodstream infections through rapid pathogen identification and characterization.

  • Paper microfluidic device for the detection of volatile biomarkers.
  • Following exposure to the gas-phase above a bacterial culture (E. coli), paper sensor undergoes colorimetric shift in assay regions, and QR code directs user to test result.
  • Micro-scale platform for bacterial capture and detection from a whole blood sample.
  • Following imummunomagnetic bacterial capture, this lab-on-a-chip platform integrates a novel contact-free cell lysis method, and detects bacterial DNA through a coupled nanoplasmonic sensing platform


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Paper microfluidics for POC with computational power

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