Amogha Tadimety received Dartmouth Cancer Center Developmental Funds, Congratulations!

Award source: Cancer Center Developmental Funds (Pilot Projects) through NCCC
Project Title: Use of plasmonic nanosensors to screen circulating biomarkers for pancreatic cancer early detection, prognosis, and response to therapy

Timothy Palinski received NASA Science Innovation Fund. Congratulations!

Tim Palinski got a NASA Science Innovation Fund (1 year, $150k award). Project title: “On-Chip Low Concentration Biomarker Detection for Cryogenic Environments”. Congratulations

Dartmouth Undergrads in the Lab: Kaina Chen

Graduate student Amogha Tadimety has recently been accepted into Thayer’s PhD Innovation Program

Dartmouth Undergrads in the Lab: Christina Long

Welcome 2015 new graduate students Amogha Tadimety, Xi Liu and Yuan Nie joining our group.

New Faculty Bring Passion and Breadth of Knowledge