Optics Research:


Nanoantenna structure: we are investigating plasmonic nanoantennas and metasurfaces for bio- and -chemical sensing applications. When light is incident upon the sensor, nanoparticle resonances are excited, resulting in strongly enhanced electric fields at the sensor surface. These electric fields are highly sensitive to changes in the local dielectric environment, making it possible to detect small quantities of target analytes bound to the sensor which produce a shift in resonance wavelength.

Calculated electric field enhancement: we use simulation tools, such as CST Microwave Studio, to design and optimize the nanostructures for the target application. The electric field profile, resonance sensitivity (wavelength shift per change in refractive index) and resonance bandwidth (full width at half maximum) are considered in the design/optimization, as well as impacts of the surrounding environment, including temperature and bulk refractive index.

Fabrication images and reflection spectra: the nanostructures are fabricated either using top-down approaches, such as electron beam lithography (EBL), or bottom-up approaches, including nanoparticle printing, microfluidic alignment, and nanoisland thin film deposition. The optical properties are thoroughly characterized using microspectroscopy and variable-angle spectroscopic ellipsometry. Devices are then functionalized with target-specific recognition elements and tested in relevant environments.

We have recently demonstrated:

  • Metallic photonic crystal structures for stable operation over wide temperature ranges
  • Tunable coupling of plasmonic-photonic Fano resonances based on nanograting geometry
  • Microfluidic alignment of gold nanorods for scalable/large-area plasmonic nanogratings
  • Sequence specific DNA detection using printed gold nanorods


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