The objective of our research is to explore bio-inspired miniaturization technology and scale-dependent physical phenomena to develop new diagnostic devices and methods on probing, imaging, and regulating complex cellular processes and biological networks critical to development and diseases such as cancer; and multi-scale experimental and theoretical investigations of fundamental force, flow, energy processes involved in cell-materials interactions.

The micro-nanoscale tools for cell manipulation, dynamic culturing and in vivo microscopy contribute to the continuity of investigations across the biological hierarchy of multiple scales, culminating in the understanding of whole body functions in health and disease. Nano-Micro, Info, and Bio are integrative components of our research, in which engineering expertise in MEMS and nanotechnologies, photonics, microfluidics, and informatics is synergized to facilitate precision medicine and point-of-care (POC) diagnostics for global health initiatives.

In particular, our laboratory is leading the development of integrated microfluidic and imaging microsystems (MEMS, micro-electro-mechanical systems), semiconductor chips and nanotechnologies critical to healthcare, defense, and environmental applications. Our recent areas of research include:

Optics (updated: 2/4/20)

Soft Actuator and Robot (updated: 3/22/20)