Undergraduate researchers presented projects in Wetterhahn Research Symposium

Four undergraduate researchers from our lab, Kaina, Annie, Chrissy and Morgan, presented their projects successfully yesterday in Wetterhahn Research Symposium. There is an article in the campus newspaper “The Dartmouth” describing the symposium.

“One of the WISP interns presenting at the event was Morgan Lee ’19 who worked at the Thayer School of Engineering for a year conducting molecular analysis of circulating tumor biomarkers from liquid biopsies. She said the work could help to ultimately diagnose cancer through biomarkers in cells rather than through invasive biopsies and similar procedures, something that could revolution how the disease is treated.

She applied to several WISP opportunities upon arriving to Dartmouth and hopes to continue her research, she said. Lee is currently applying to be a Sophomore Science Scholar following her year in WISP.

“It’s a really great opportunity for first years and women in general to get involved in science. I’ve been really happy with my experience so far,” she said.